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Directional Questions


You have questions...we'll research the answers.  

Career Advice


A trip up the ladder doesn't always equate to more satisfaction or even a bigger contribution.

  • "Much will be required of those to whom much is given." (Luke 12:48) Are you using your talents to just get a head or contributing to the success of others? 



In its basic form mindfulness is the art of being happy. Taking time to be in the moment and if practiced correctly it can improve health, mood, brain power, sleep and dietary habits!

Food and Fitness Facts


Quick facts provide fuel for the road. 

  • Looking for a healthy milk alternative? Try Ripple-a milk alternative made from pea protein. A delicious post work out treat!
  • Research suggests you should sit for just 20 minutes out of every half hour at work, stand for 8 minutes and move for 2 minutes. Want to move along your next meeting?......Suggest every one stand and do 2 minutes of jumping jacks!

Pit Stop Trends


Trends worth pulling over for and checking out!  

  • Protein Pacing-eat 4-6 mini meals daily, each including at least 20 grams of quality protein. The first meal should be within an hour of waking and the last within two hours before bedtime.
  • Fermented Foods-great way to support a healthy digestive track and strengthen your immunity. Don't know where to start?......Schedule one of our Kombucha classes!